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The White Kiwi


How did a rare White Kiwi end up on display in Feilding’s Coach House Museum?

Two early Feilding farming settlers William Joseph Brogden and Walter Mexted owned land in Feilding between 1905 to 1915.  The land bordered Churcher and Port Streets (lots 59-62), on land now occupied by Feilding High School.

This story goes like this: William Brogden was fencing off a stand of native bush. He had a dog with him, and the dog flushed out the White Kiwi. But before Mr Brogden could stop the dog the kiwi was killed, so it was mounted in a glass case.

The kiwi remained in the Brogden family until they decided to donate it to the Coach House Museum.

The White Kiwi is beautifully mounted in a glass case close to the native bird and tree entranceway to the museum. An interactive bird sounds display of about 17 native birds is a feature of the hand-built treed entrance.

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