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Chung Lee's Spring Cart


Dannevirke fruiterer’s cart retires to Museum

A two-wheeled cart from Chung Lee of Dannevirke who used it until 1966 for his fruit and vegetable delivery round.  It’s a two-wheeled vehicle with built up sides. The spring suspension enabled horses to handle heavier loads that ‘block’ carts where the body sat directly on the axles.  These ‘spring’ carts were the most common farm vehicle in New Zealand, used both for produce and occasionally passengers.  They could be pulled by one horse, or several harnessed in combination.

Chung Lee's Spring cart, Dannevirke NZ

Spring carts like this were common place. Almost every town had a similar travelling vendor like Chung Lee – selling fruit, vegetables, herbs, preserved ginger and other spices.

Chung Lee retired in 1966 when fruit and vegie shops were becoming the norm, cars and trucks replaced carts, and supermarkets offering huge ranges of fresh fruit and vegetables were becoming more convenient as roads and transport improved.

This cart was presented to the Coach House Museum by Tom Dalton, was partially restored by Mr and Mrs McBride, and later completed by the trust.

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