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Coach House Kids


The Coach House Museum in Feilding is very family-friendly and has hands-on activities for children and bigger kids too. But, did you know it has an Activity Booklet for its Coach House kids to use when visiting?

When older children visit the South Street museum, parents, caregivers, teachers with school groups can ask hosts at reception for the ‘Coach House Kid’s Activity Booklets’ to keep the children occupied during their visits.

As you move through the museum with your children the native bush and surveyors display is so realistic, its like you’ve gone bush. As well as the towering trees and other bush life, there are 17 birds to listen to their birds’ song with interactive push buttons. Some of the birds are now extinct, but their singing survives for everyone to hear and enjoy. The activity booklet has a word find with eight birds’ names hidden among a jumble of letters. Come and see how many you can find.


As you come out of the bush, you will be amazed at how many horse-drawn vehicles there are on display. As you move around, your activity task is to find and list as many different names of horse-drawn vehicles as you can.

There are many old photos and information boards in the museum and different activities for you to read and see. There are seven questions asked in the booklet for you to find answers for as you visit.

The next activity involves matching photos of different museum types of transport provided with names supplied.

When you get to the Ferg Crawshaw collection of fully restored John Deere tractors, find the maze in your activity book for you to drive one of three tractors from one side of the maze to the other, to see which tractor finds the Coach House.

The Coach House Museum offers children's workshops during school holidays, usually on a Wednesday. Look out for information on our facebook page.  It is important to register your children’s interest before the workshops by completing form at the museum.

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