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Fitch Four


The Pohangina County Council, via Adams and Burgess of Palmerston North, arranged for the delivery of the Fitch to be shipped to Auckland from America. The County minutes show a report of the decision to proceed with the purchase at ₤750. After removal of the steel lugs it was driven on the road from Auckland to Pohangina. The Fitch was renowned for its traction and pulling power. Weighing 3 tons, it was ideal to drive the metal crusher and pull the grader. It is powered by a 4 cylinder Climax engine with a 5 inch bore and a 6½ inch stroke. It has steerage that resembles that used on a traction engine. The Fitch tractor was later sold to Mr Clarry Buckman of Pohangina, where it demonstrated its pulling ability in both log hauling and scrub crushing. The Fitch was purchased in 1970 by Mr Jim Spall for restoration and returned to its former, new condition. Following the death of Mr Jim Spall in 2011 his family followed his instructions to donate this unique and rare example of 1920s engineering to The Coach House. It forms the centre piece of the ‘Jim Spall Collection’ of the Fitch Four and range of stationary engines.

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