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Adam Beattie's Light Gig


This light gig was made in Woodville in 1910 and featured the common Dennett springing system and a sliding seat

adam beattie light gig

Dennett springing a common feature in light gigs

A gig is a light, one-horse, two-wheeled carriage for two to three people.

This gig is one of numerous examples on display at the Coach House Museum.

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Dennett springing and a sliding seat, to provide comfortable rides, were very common features of light gigs.

The Dennett system has the transverse leaf spring mounted on the rear ends of the longitudinal leaf springs.

The unusual feature of this gig is a lack of protection from mud thrown up from the road surface. It has no sides and only short fenders.

This gig was built in Woodville in 1910, and presented to the museum by Adam Beattie.

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