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Get a Glimpse into NZ’s Military Engineering History


NZ Sappers have a long history serving their country, the Pacific region and communities around the world. Their lineage is mapped from military artificers and the King’s Engineer in the early 1800s through to the Corps of Royal NZ Engineers formed in 1947 and operating today as part of the Regular Army.  Few people, even the Sappers themselves, know the full story of their service - tucked away at Linton Army Camp is the Engineer Corps Memorial Centre which seeks to tell their story. 

The museum may be small in size, but it houses an impressive range of displays, in chronological order, giving a insight into the Corps from the early 1800’s showing military engineering as applied to Maori pa, through the various wars, to the present day.  It’s a fascinating way to spend an hour or two.

Run by a dedicated band of volunteers, the Corps museum is open to the public every Thursday (except public holidays), from 9am to 5pm.  Entry is by donation, but as access to Linton Army Camp needs to be arranged beforehand, it is best to book your visit in advance by email or phone.   For contact details and more information, see https://www.nzsappers.org.nz/introduction/ecmc/museum/.

Sitting alongside the RNZE Library and Museum, is St Martin’s RNZE & Garrison Chapel, the spiritual home of the Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers and repository of the Rolls of Honour for the Corps.  Also open to visitors, this then 74 year old country chapel was gifted to the camp by the community of Makotuku (near Norsewood) in 1968, then dismantled and relocated by Army Engineers to its current location, reopening for services at Linton in 1974.

            Military Engineers                             St Martin's RNZE and Engineers Chapel

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