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Bullock Wagon


Bullock wagons were used extensively in the bush and on the very early tracks, more than a century ago, that were developed into unsealed, then sealed roads in New Zealand.

     Bullock Wagon 1

The Coach House Museum has a fine example of an early bullock wagon with a large log, but is keen know more of its history.

Bullock wagons were slow forms of transport, but could handle heavy loads from many wool bales, to large handsawn trees.

     Bullock Wagon 2

Note: They had very wide tyres, very suitable for use in deep mud in the backblocks of New Zealand.

Despite their workloads, very little history is known about this bullock wagon, the museum is displaying carrying a huge log and saws.

     BUllock Wagon 3

It was previously owned by Larry Holland of Longburn. It is on loan from its current owners Simon McKay of Feilding and Ron Gray of Pahiatua.

Do you know any of its history, or have photographs of it working? The museum would be keen to hear more of its history.

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